8481 Open Shooting Star Diamond Pendant
You’re the star of the show! Stellar in it’s design, this diamond star pendant looks and feels like it fell from the heavens. Made of 14k yellow gold and adorned with 59 twinkling diamonds, this pendant is sure to give...
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8472 Mended Heart Pendant
The mended heart represents strength and resilience. No matter the cause, no matter the circumstance, the heart will heal with time. This heart pendant has been broken and “stitched” back together. To complete our eye-catching design, 98 round-cut diamonds completely...
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14k Yellow Gold Personalized Keepsake Photo Pendant
Looking for something a little more personal? This Photo Pendant can be customized to include a small photo of a favorite loved one. Keep them close to your heart. This item can be personalized with a photograph.  Once your order...
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"Yggdrasil" Tree Of Life Diamond Pendant
In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is a large ash tree at the center of the cosmos. Upon its branches hang the nine realms that make up the universe. In Christianity, the Tree of Life stood at the center of the Garden...
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"Eureka" Diamond Stud Earrings
“Eureka!” Shouted Archimedes as a flash of insight entered his mind like a bolt of lightning. This sudden feeling of clarity is an all too familiar part of the human experience. Symbolized in these stud earrings is that bolt of...
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8449 14k Yellow Gold Heartbeat Pendant
One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who just gets you. No superficial games, just genuine attraction. It’s losing track of time, it’s talking until dawn. It’s comfortable silence. It’s quiet understanding. It’s texting you...
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8424 Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings
Graceful in design, these 14k gold stud earrings each feature a single pear-shape yellow diamond surrounded by a twinkling halo of 17 round-cut white diamonds. This haloing of the center yellow diamond creates a truly stunning visual effect. It is...
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14k Yellow Gold Cross Stud Earrings
A simple and elegant way to express your faith. These 14 karat yellow gold earrings combine traditional faith with trendy fashion and are a perfect gift for anyone, young or old. Expertly crafted and polished to perfection. This piece is...
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11:11 Gold Diamond Stud Earrings
In Numerology, the number 11:11 has a special significance. It is an angelic number representing mindfulness and seizing opportunity. It represents revelations and self-actualization. Carefully monitor what is going on around you and live your true self. Take matters into...
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8417 "Nymphéas" Water Lily Diamond Earrings
The perfect stillness of a lake. Lilies in hues of white, pink, and purple create a vivid canopy atop the water. It is visions of these picturesque landscapes that drove Claude Monet to paint Nymphéas. Made of 14k Yellow gold, these...
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8402 Diamond Droplet Open Bangle Bracelet
This solid gold open bangle is adorned with an assortment with small diamonds interspersed throughout. The embedded diamonds are reminiscent of rain droplets along the surface of a window after a light sun shower. Unique and slender in design, this...
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8398 Personalized Nameplate Diamond Bangle
It’s those little moments that allow love to truly blossom. Remind her with this. This 14 yellow gold bangle can be personalized with a date, a name, or a short phrase. To add a bit of extra flair, this bangle...
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8395 Five Diamond Cable Chain Necklace
In captivating style, this cable chain necklace adds an alluring look to any outfit. Fashioned in gorgeous 14k yellow gold and polished to a bright finish. This chain also comes adorned with five shimmering white diamonds that taper out from...
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8391 "Harmony" Diamond Open Bracelet
The number three was considered by Pythagoras to be the perfect number; symbolizing harmony, wisdom, and understanding. The number three holds a lot of significance in many cultures, literary works, as well as in science. This bracelet embraces that harmony...
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8390 Heart Diamond Bracelet
Another take on our slender heart solitaire bangle, this bracelet’s heart is filled with nine shimmering white diamonds. The heart design adds a feminine touch to any outfit and its slender design makes it perfect to wear alone or as part...
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"The Executive" Ladies Five Band Diamond Ring
This imposing ring exudes power and influence. Its design features five open bands that taper into a single wide bottom and is adorned with a total of 77 diamonds along the top half. This piece is available in 14k Yellow...
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8371 Pear Shaped Split Shank Halo Diamond Ring
Talk about a head turner! This split shank ring is adorned with X diamonds along the top half of the band, creating a halo around a pear-shaped (teardrop) diamond at the ring’s center. A truly dazzling display. This piece is...
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"Eternal Love" Heart Diamond Ring
This 14k gold diamond ring is masterfully crafted, taking the shape of the universal symbol of love. Utilizing a split shank, this piece is adorned with 48 diamonds along the top half, creating a dazzling effect that’s sure to turn...
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8365 Evil Eye Silhouette Freeform Shank Diamond Ring
The eye is a powerful symbol whose meanings very widely across the world. Taking inspiration from eye symbolism in various cultures, the freeform shank of this ring and the diamond at its center create an elegant silhouette. Whether it’s the...
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8359 Multicolor Emerald-Cut Gemstone Ring.
A kaleidoscope of 26 brightly colored emerald-cut gemstones, this dynamic 14k yellow gold ring is hard to miss! Gold, Silver, and Diamonds are timeless staples of accessorizing an outfit, but bold, vibrant colors can add a whole new dimension unlike...
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"Estrela" Diamond Constellation Ring
Inspired by the wonderous night sky, this 14k Yellow Gold ring features a design reminiscent of a constellation, complete with 12 sparkling diamond “stars.” This beautiful ring is sure to turn heads with it’s unique shape and carefully sculpted design....
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Tiffany & Co. Cobblestone Havana/Blue w/ Brown Gradient Lens 55mm TF4121B - 81343B
New w/ Tags Size: 55-16-140 The linear structure of the precious Cobblestone Band Ring is reproduced at each temple on this butterfly frame. Galvanized in sophisticated metal tones, a total of 10 handset Austrian crystals sparkle and shine. About Tiffany...
$380.00 $234.99
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Bvlgari Diva's Dream Black and Gold 6111-B 2033/8G
New w/ Tags Size: 60-15-135 Enigmatic beauty reimagined: sparkling Ginko pendants inspire the structural jewel finishes of this feminine oversized frame. From the Divas' Dream crystal decor to the iconic gold and personalized temple tips, these shades are as glam...
$510.00 $263.99
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Tom Ford Tortoise Acetate and Gold TF 475-D 55E
New Without Tags Size: 53-22-145 Acetate Tortoise Shell and Gold Frames with Brown Lenses. Round Lenses
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