8481 Open Shooting Star Diamond Pendant
You’re the star of the show! Stellar in it’s design, this diamond star pendant looks and feels like it fell from the heavens. Made of 14k yellow gold and adorned with 59 twinkling diamonds, this pendant is sure to give...
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8472 Mended Heart Pendant
The mended heart represents strength and resilience. No matter the cause, no matter the circumstance, the heart will heal with time. This heart pendant has been broken and “stitched” back together. To complete our eye-catching design, 98 round-cut diamonds completely...
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8449 14k Yellow Gold Heartbeat Pendant
One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who just gets you. No superficial games, just genuine attraction. It’s losing track of time, it’s talking until dawn. It’s comfortable silence. It’s quiet understanding. It’s texting you...
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8441 "Diamondback" Snake Stud Earrings
Another take on a serpentine earring, this spectacular piece comes bedazzled with 8 white diamonds along snake body. This fabulous design is perfect for someone that wants to add some exotic flair to their look or just want to outwardly display...
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8440 Crescent Moon Diamond Stud Earring
Steal the spotlight with these crescent moon diamond earrings! Made of 14k Yellow Gold, each have a single set diamond at their center. The setting is etched to depict an eight-pointed star, also known as an octogram, with the diamond...
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8431 Onyx Diamond Earrings
In both ancient and modern times, the Onyx has symbolic meaning as a protective charm, protecting the bearer from negative energies. This wondrous find features a large black onyx surrounded by a halo of splendid white diamonds. The exquisite pairing...
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8425 Rainbow Stone Gold Earrings
Who said Jewelry can only be metals and diamonds? This charming set of hoop earrings is adorned with a total of 56 white diamonds as well as several larger multi-colored gemstones. This item can act as a bold focal point...
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8424 Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings
Graceful in design, these 14k gold stud earrings each feature a single pear-shape yellow diamond surrounded by a twinkling halo of 17 round-cut white diamonds. This haloing of the center yellow diamond creates a truly stunning visual effect. It is...
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8417 "Nymphéas" Water Lily Diamond Earrings
The perfect stillness of a lake. Lilies in hues of white, pink, and purple create a vivid canopy atop the water. It is visions of these picturesque landscapes that drove Claude Monet to paint Nymphéas. Made of 14k Yellow gold, these...
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8400 Modern Snake Open Diamond Bangle
Modern in it’s design, this sleek looking bangle takes the shape of a snake. Using diamonds as accents, one can see the head, eyes, back, and tail. This bangle will add a hint of danger or mystery to any outfit...
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8399 Gold "Love is the Air" Diamond Bracelet
Love wins! A beautiful sentiment; a simple truth. Love is the one thing that unites us all. Celebrate that love with a bracelet that spells it out for the world to see. This bracelet depicts the word love using 48...
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8395 Five Diamond Cable Chain Necklace
In captivating style, this cable chain necklace adds an alluring look to any outfit. Fashioned in gorgeous 14k yellow gold and polished to a bright finish. This chain also comes adorned with five shimmering white diamonds that taper out from...
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8394 Snake Bypass Diamond Bangle Bracelet
This bangle showcases a beautifully sculpted snake design that is truly eye catching. Stylish and fashionable, this 14k yellow gold bangle features a high polish and 70 sparkling diamonds that give it a flashy look. This piece is available in...
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8389 "Wisdom" Notched Diamond Open Bangle
The number three was considered by Pythagoras to be the perfect number; symbolizing harmony, wisdom, and understanding. The number three holds much significance in many cultures, literary works, as well as in science. This bracelet embraces wisdom aspect of that...
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8382 14k Yellow Gold Open Star Diamond Ring
Make her feel like a star with this beautiful open star diamond ring. The centerpiece, a large five pointed star, bends around the finger, giving it an elegant and feminine style all its own. This piece is available in 14k...
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8359 Multicolor Emerald-Cut Gemstone Ring.
A kaleidoscope of 26 brightly colored emerald-cut gemstones, this dynamic 14k yellow gold ring is hard to miss! Gold, Silver, and Diamonds are timeless staples of accessorizing an outfit, but bold, vibrant colors can add a whole new dimension unlike...
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14k Yellow Gold Triangle Climber Stud Earrings
Complement your casual attire with these playful climber earrings. Crafted in fashionable 14K yellow gold, each earring features a slightly curved row of triangles. Climber Earrings, sometimes called Crawler Earrings, are designed to sit against and run along the bottom...
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14k Yellow Gold Round-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings
Simple and Elegant, this pair of 1 carat diamond stud earrings can add a touch of class to any look. The four prong setting accentuates the diamond’s size for a truly beautiful display. This piece is available in 14k Yellow...
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14k Yellow Gold Personalized Keepsake Photo Pendant
Looking for something a little more personal? This Photo Pendant can be customized to include a small photo of a favorite loved one. Keep them close to your heart. This item can be personalized with a photograph.  Once your order...
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14k Yellow Gold Open Hoop Stud Earrings
These open hoop stud earrings are a cute addition to any outfit. Affixed with a friction back, these stud earrings are lightweight and polished to a sheen. This piece is currently available in 14k Yellow Gold. All products are made...
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14k Yellow Gold Half-Round Box Chain Link Necklace/Bracelet
This half-round box chain link can be custom ordered for any length from rope to bracelet. For custom lengths, please use our contact form. This piece is available in 14k Yellow Gold. Depending on length, it can be fashioned into a...
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14k Yellow Gold Gold Snake Earrings
Snakes are wonderous creatures. They’re powerful, mysterious, and often dangerous. These exotic serpentine stud earrings are truly eye-catching and are a great addition to any outfit. After all, our advanced eyesight was developed specifically to spot snakes. This piece is available...
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14k Yellow Gold Elongated Half-Round Box Chain Necklace/Bracelet
This elongated half-round box chain link can be custom ordered for any length from rope to bracelet. For custom lengths, please use our contact form. This piece is available in 14k Yellow Gold. Depending on length, it can be fashioned into...
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14k Yellow Gold Diamond Station Bangle Bracelet
This polished solid gold bangle bracelet comes adorned with five evenly spaced white diamonds along the band. Unique and slender by design, this bracelet is perfect for wearing by itself or as part of a bracelet stack. This piece is...
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